Red Eléctrica de España carried out six new projects on energy efficiency in 2014
  • On Friday 6 March the Company will recognise the best initiatives for promoting energy efficiency, in the third edition of the Red Eléctrica eficiente awards

In 2014, Red Eléctrica de España carried out six new projects aimed at promoting the energy efficiency of its activities, both internally and externally, and which improve the sustainability and efficiency of the Spanish electricity system.

These six new projects, aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources, lowering CO2 emissions and increasing energy saving, are the candidates to be honoured with the 'Red Eléctrica eficiente Seal of Recognition’ at an event that will take place on Friday 6 March. In its third edition, the 'Red Eléctrica eficiente Seal' has established the categories of 'Innovation', 'Communication and Awareness' and 'Implementation of measures'.

The temperature control project for cabinets and the PRICE project were presented in the 'Innovation' category; two projects whose goal is the evaluation of new systems for a more efficient management of energy.

The PRICE project, which evaluates how citizens can be more actively involved in the electricity system through their consumption habits and the integration of demand from electric vehicles, deploys demand-side management measures with the participation of more than 1,000 households in the area of Corredor del Henares (north of Madrid).

As for the temperature control project for cabinets, it develops an efficient cooling system using Peltier cells and renewable energy, to maintain a constant temperature in cabinets that house the electronic control and protection equipment for substations, which due to its constant activity, emits heat and this can hinder its correct functioning.

The publication of the book 'The operation of the electricity system for Dummies' and the awareness campaign 'Every Action Counts' are the candidate projects in the category of 'Communication and Awareness'.

'The operation of the electricity system for Dummies', drafted and published by Red Eléctrica, is a book that uses plain and simple language for citizens to explain the actions that are carried out to guarantee and ensure the electricity supply 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This book also contains information regarding which are the challenges of the future and also which are the best practices for improving energy efficiency.

Red Eléctrica launched the 'Every Action Counts' awareness campaign, which seeks to reduce energy consumption and encourage best environmental practices at the Company head office in La Moraleja.

Finally, in the 'Implementing measures' category, the candidate projects are the VILI project, which offers the Company’s experts a tool that allows the registration, consultation and access to videos of inspections, via helicopter, of power lines and of their associated elements, and the PELI project, a tool that automates requests for information regarding services affected in the transmission grid.

All these projects are promoted under the Red Eléctrica eficiente Seal, an initiative that, for seven years, has identified and promoted all proposals from the different areas of the Company.

Red Eléctrica de España has a very important role in the development of a sustainable electricity system, that is more efficient and competitive, and the achievement of the European targets on energy and climate change. In 2011, the Company decided to formalise this commitment with the adoption of a Climate Change Strategy, which includes the commitment to energy efficiency as a key tool in the fight against climate change, and recognises the ‘Red Eléctrica eficiente Seal’ as a means of promoting all actions related to energy efficiency.


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