It is planned to allocate more than 600,000 euros to its implementation in 2015
Red Eléctrica launches its Sustainable Mobility Plan

Red Eléctrica de España (REE) plans to invest more than 600,000 euros in 2015 to the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Plan approved by the Board of Management of the Company on December 12, 2014. This plan is part of REE’s commitment towards sustainable development and, in particular, in its climate change strategy, and arises as a response to the economic, social and environmental impacts derived from the intensive use of fuel-powered motor vehicles.

The Sustainable Mobility Plan, which includes the implementation of new measures and actions to promote a change of habits towards more sustainable, safe and efficient means of transportation, requires a commitment between management and the Company’s employees with the aim to incorporate a new culture of mobility in the Company. This initiative aims to reduce CO2 emissions; reduce energy consumption; reduce noise pollution; reduce individual motorized mobility; decrease the level of traffic congestion; minimize the number of accidents and promote the work-life balance.

The Sustainable Mobility Plan was initially implemented in the head offices of Red Eléctrica, affecting approximately 850 employees, including the management team. The plan will be implemented progressively in all other REE work centres, distributed around the Spanish territory, adapting the measures to the needs of each work centre.

Among the measures included in the Plan, the following are worth noting: a new shuttle bus service to transport employees; implementation of a computer application to facilitate the use of car sharing; creation of a financial assistance grant programme for the purchase of efficient vehicles, along with the installation of more charging points at the regional head offices; provision of a fleet of efficient vehicles for use by employees in their work-related movements; public transport card to encourage the use of public transportation, use of efficient taxis and provision of training on efficient driving.


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