A company leader in transparency
Red Eléctrica launches a new version of the system operator’s public website, e-sios
  • More information and improved access for the general public

Red Eléctrica de España has upgraded its e-sios public website to increase its content, improve how the information is shown and facilitate access for those people who have an interest in obtaining information from the site, through a more modern, clear, simple and educational approach and layout. Thus, the Company has strengthened its leadership and commitment to transparency, recognised by ENTSO-E, an association that brings together the European Transmission System Operators (TSO) who are the owners and operators of the transmission grids of the electricity systems.

E-sios is the platform of the system operator which aims to provide information and results regarding operational processes.

Red Eléctrica has the obligation to make public the results of the energy markets and the electricity system operation processes, ensuring at all times the confidentiality of the information made available to it by the market participants.

Therefore, in 2005 and 2007 two websites were developed: a private one where market participants exchange confidential information with the system operator, and another one which is public where Red Eléctrica freely provides information on the results of the operational processes.

This project to upgrade the Company’s public website is noteworthy for its focus on training and education, without losing sight of its technical perspective, and for its approach based on clarity, simplicity and accessibility whilst maintaining the rigor, reliability and neutrality it has had since its inception.

This new website shows the status of the electricity system by associating images to the most relevant indicators for any moment in time regarding four elements: air, earth, fire and water. It also incorporates a powerful tool for analysing the indicators, and also provides a tutorial video in the help section for facilitating its ease of use.

In addition, the new website presents the data in an attractive way through the integration of infographics and interactive graphics, and it adapts to any device.

The new website can be accessed from the URL: https://www.esios.ree.es/en. The previous and the current version will coexist in tandem for a few months via an access that allows a user to switch between the two, allowing users to gradually become familiar with the new website and, where appropriate, adapt the accesses they may have defined.

The update of this site coincides with the recent launch of the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform. Transparency and access to information are fundamental aspects considered by the European Commission (EC) for the full implementation of the internal energy market. To this end, the EC approved the corresponding regulations which established the requirement to publish information regarding electricity generation, consumption, interconnection capacity and energy balancing through the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform, which feeds on the information provided by TSOs, market operators and third parties.

Red Eléctrica, in line with the criteria of transparency and commitment to excellence in management, was the first TSO to provide information required for this platform and was recognised by ENTSO-E at the meeting held in Paris on 3 March 2015.


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