In the presence of the Island Council of Gran Canaria
Red Eléctrica formalises the assignment contract for the water usage rights of the Chira-Soria hydroelectric power station project

Red Eléctrica de España has today formalised in the Island Council of Gran Canaria, owner of the hydroelectric facilities on the island, the acquisition of the concession of the rights to use the water from the reservoir and basin of the Chira Dam (Chira-Soria) for hydroelectric purposes for a period of 25 years, renewable for a further period of 25 years.

Driven by both the central and regional administrations and the Council of Gran Canaria, through its Island Water Board, the project includes the construction of a 200 megawatt reversible hydroelectric power station as a tool for the system operator to ensure the security of supply. Red Eléctrica has earmarked almost 300 million euros for this project.

Pursuant to that set out by the Ministry of Industry on April 28, Unelco transferred this project to Red Eléctrica on 23 January. On 17 July, the Island Council’s Water Board approved the concession of these rights that today have been formalised.

The project, which consists of an adaptation of the preliminary design made by Unelco, is currently in the administrative permitting stage and encompasses the construction of a reversible hydroelectric power station and the connection of the power station to the Santa Águeda substation through a 220 kilovolt power line.

Red Eléctrica will develop this hydroelectric energy storage system to enable the integration of renewable energy generated on the island of Gran Canaria without compromising the security of supply.

Once the design has been completed, Red Eléctrica will request the Declaration of Strategic Project, in order to expedite the administrative process for obtaining the relevant regulatory permits and start construction work, scheduled to run for three years.

Reincan, new subsidiary of Red Eléctrica in the Canary Islands

On 28 September 2015, Reincan (Red Eléctrica Infraestructuras en Canarias S.A.U.), which was set up on 17 September, was registered in the Commercial Register Office of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands.

Reincan, 100% owned by Red Eléctrica Corporación, responds to the need to promote energy storage projects in the Canary Islands, as tools for the system operator to guarantee the supply on the islands at all times and to optimise the integration of renewable energy.


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