To improve the operation of port facilities
Red Eléctrica increases the height of a section of the 220 kV Asturiana de Zinc-Tabiella line, in the Avilés sea inlet

The General Director for Mining and Energy for the Principality of Asturias, Isaac Pola, accompanied by the Regional Delegate for Red Eléctrica de España, Carlos González Patiño, has today visited the works being carried out by the Company on the 220 kV Asturiana de Zinc-Tabiella double circuit line, where it crosses over the Avilés sea inlet.

The Port Authority of Aviles asked Red Eléctrica to increase the height of the line in the vessel transit area of the sea inlet and in the area used by cranes in the new Valliniello docks.

The works, which began in September and are expected to be completed by mid-November, have a budget of 545,000 euros and focus on modifying the section of the line, between towers 6 and 10, where they cross the sea inlet.

With the increase in height of the electricity towers, the cables in the vessel transit area will be over 55 metres high compared to the current height of 41.5 metres. In the area of ​​the new docks, the height will reach 72 metres compared with the current height of 48 metres.

During the execution of the works, the electricity supply to the ‘Asturiana de Zinc’ factory is being guaranteed, maintaining at least one of the lines in service at all times.


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