Within the framework of the International Year of Light
The University of the Balearic Islands and Red Eléctrica de España create an exhibition about light

The rector of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University-Business Foundation of the Balearic Islands (FUEIB), Llorenç Huguet, and the Regional Delegate for Red Eléctrica de España in the Balearic Islands, Eduardo Maynau, have today signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of the Il·lumina't exhibition, an exhibit about laser light and optical illusion, which opens on 26 November at the Palau Solleric in Palma.

This is one of the actions that Red Eléctrica is carrying out to commemorate the International Year of Light, held in 2015, in accordance with the proclamation of the United Nations General Assembly.

The Il·lumina't exhibition, organised by the FUEIB and the Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC, UIB-CSIC) and sponsored by Red Eléctrica, will be held at the Palau Solleric and will feature explanatory experiments on light and photonics, divided into two groups: lasers and optical illusions. The exhibition, of a significantly interactive nature, has been designed to facilitate the public’s understanding of its content.

On the opening day which is scheduled to for 26 November, the facade of the Palau Solleric will be the backdrop for a ‘Laser Art’ display, which will also form part of the exhibition contained in the building. The exhibition will also feature a section on the role of Red Eléctrica as a cornerstone for the proper operation and control of the electricity system as well as for the development of electricity interconnection projects in the Balearic Islands.

Il·lumina't will be open from 27 November to 20 December. The mornings are reserved so as to facilitate school visits, thanks to the collaboration of the UIB and the City Council of Palma, and later in the day for the general public. IFISC has made specialised personnel available to the public inside the exhibition, to help guide visitors.

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