Red Eléctrica de España receives the AENOR Healthy Workplace Certificate
  • Based on a pioneering model in the world, an accredited management system that promotes and protects the health, well-being and safety of employees, as well as sustainability in the working environment.


At a ceremony held today at the head offices of Red Eléctrica de España, Manuel Romero, AENOR’s Certification Director presented the Healthy Workplace Certificate to the head of the Health and Safety Department of Red Eléctrica de España, José María Rico. This certification confirms that the Company has implemented the Healthy Workplace Model, a management system that promotes and protects the health, well-being and safety of employees, as well as sustainability in the working environment. This model, a pioneer in the world, is based on the criteria of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the continuous improvement methodology. It understands health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

In order to obtain this certification, companies must meet the requirements of the Healthy Workplace Model and identify the risk factors that can influence the working environment, in order to control, reduce and eliminate them, taking into account the particularities of each organisation. These factors are grouped into four main areas: physical environment, psychosocial environment, health resources and company participation in the community.

This certification is the end result of a major project, carried out in recent years in Red Eléctrica, in which work in the field of health and safety is undertaken in an integral way and is integrated into the entire structure of the Company through its own in-house management model in order to ensure and promote an improvement in the well-being and quality of life of employees. All actions and measures implemented respond to specific needs that have been identified as major causes affecting the health of the workforce.

Cardiovascular health prevention workshops, support for physical activity or changes in the composition and preparation of the workplace cafeteria menus are clear examples of the Company’s commitment to promoting health. The concept of health in Red Eléctrica is complete and includes well-being in its entirety, including the psychosocial aspect, in which specific management areas such as psychosocial risks and the management of the work-life balance are included.


AENOR, through the development of technical standards and certifications, contributes to the improvement of the quality and competitiveness of companies, as well as their products and services; thus helping organisations to generate one of the most appreciated values ​​in today's economy: trust.

As an entity legally responsible for standardisation within Spain, it makes available to the economic fabric a catalogue of over 31,000 standards with effective solutions. AENOR is also the leading certification entity, as their recognitions are the most valued. Currently, about 70,000 workplaces worldwide have some certificate from AENOR, which support organisations in fields such as Quality Management, Environmental Management, R&D+i, Health and Safety at Work or Energy Efficiency. The company also has conducted 460 inspections and environmental validations and around 13,000 inspections.

AENOR was created in 1986 as a private non-profit organisation. It has 20 offices in Spain and a permanent presence in 12 countries.

About Red Eléctrica de España

Red Eléctrica de España is the company responsible for the transmission of electrical energy and proper functioning of the electricity system nationwide. With over 42,000 kilometres of high voltage electricity lines, which form a meshed, robust and reliable grid that offers the highest level of service quality indices, it guarantees the continuity and security of electricity supply at all times while maintaining the balance between generation and consumption, and is also responsible for managing the development of the transmission grid. It also manages transmission grid development, carrying out its functions under the principles of neutrality, transparency, independence and economic efficiency in order to contribute to providing a quality, efficient and sustainable electricity service.


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