Red Eléctrica approves the 2016 Corporate Responsibility Programme
  • Linked to a management objective of the Company, the programme is part of the Corporate Responsibility Plan 2014-2016, which includes 81 projects.
  • The programme has been approved by the Appointments and Remuneration Committee of the Board.


The Appointments and Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors of Red Eléctrica has approved the Company’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Programme. This programme is included in the Corporate Responsibility Plan 2014-2016, which, through the carrying out of 81 projects, brings together the major commitments of the Company in the following management scopes: sustainable energy model; corporate governance and ethics; employees; society, and the environment.

The annual programme outlines the most noteworthy projects detailing the lines of action to be carried out for the fulfilment of the major commitments of the plan. The degree of progress that the Company achieves regarding the Corporate Responsibility Program is directly linked to a management objective and therefore has a direct impact on the remuneration of employees.

Among the projects related to the corporate governance and ethics scope, noteworthy is the special emphasis placed by the company on the implementation of the new regulatory compliance system, which entails the need to progress in the homogenization of the criteria to be applied to the different compliance monitoring systems affecting the organization.

The projects that will be carried out in the scope of Red Electrica’s business activity support the development of a sustainable energy model. Thus, noteworthy are the projects aimed at the following: improvement of the relationship and dialogue with stakeholders that are key to the performance of the activities of Red Eléctrica; development of the Company’s comprehensive risk management system, initiatives aimed at demand management and the promotion of innovation.

Within the employee scope, the Company will concentrate on the establishment of a system that enables the assessment of the interests of employed persons, in order to take them into consideration in talent management processes. In addition, a system for measuring the return on investment in training will be implemented. Both measures are focused on improving management efficiency and also aim to improve the satisfaction and pride of belonging among employees.

The commitment to society is brought to life this year through improved knowledge of the electricity system among secondary school students, as well as through the program of corporate volunteering projects.

Finally, in the section related to the environment, Red Eléctrica continues to carry out the commitments undertaken regarding the most relevant environmental aspects for the Company, which are biodiversity conservation and combating climate change. During this fiscal year, the Company will continue to work on calculating the carbon footprint associated with the life cycle of the power lines, as well as improving management processes of SF6 gas.


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