Red Eléctrica presents the book entitled ‘Cuadernos de viaje. Por tierras de Teruel y Castellón’

José Folgado, Chairman of Red Eléctrica de España, and Ramón Millán, Mayor of Castellote and President of the Provincial Council of Teruel, have presented the book entitled ‘Cuadernos de viaje. Por tierras de Teruel y Castellón’; a travelogue through the regions of Teruel and Castellón. This publication captures, in an entertaining way, the charm and allure of the municipalities through which the new Mezquita-Morella and Mudéjar-Morella electricity lines run.

The event, which brought together a large majority of the mayors of the 22 municipalities through which the lines pass, has served to advertise this publication, edited by Red Eléctrica on the occasion of the construction of this electricity infrastructure. The book takes the reader on a tour of the natural, patrimonial, historical and cultural wealth of these municipalities that are spread out through the regions of Cuencas Mineras and Maestrazgo in Teruel, those of Bajo Aragón and Andorra-Sierra de Arcos, as well as that of Els Ports in Castellón.

This travelogue is comprised of touristic itineraries, festivals, traditions and gastronomy, and is supplemented with illustrations in the form of drawings and watercolours compiled for the edition, as well as with numerous photographs.

The publication of the book is part of the social, cultural and environmental initiatives, totalling 319,680 euros, included in the Corporate Social Responsibility Plan for in the municipalities of Teruel and Castellón through which the lines run.

The construction of the Mezquita-Morella and Mudéjar-Morella axes, in its final stage

The construction of the new 400-kilovolt Mezquita-Morella and Mudéjar-Morella electricity lines, included in the planning approved by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, will be completed soon. Once completed, the pertinent tests will be conducted prior to bringing the lines into service.

This infrastructure, with a total length of 115 kilometres and which has represented an investment by Red Eléctrica of 127 million euros, is necessary for the meshing of the transmission grid as well as to improve the safety and quality of the electricity supply in both provinces and to increase the capacity to evacuate generation from ordinary regime and renewable sources.


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