Collaboration between the Balearic Islands Government and Red Eléctrica on environmental education and awareness in the ‘Aula del Mar’
  • Red Eléctrica will contribute a total of 58,600 euros to finance the carrying out of the programme included in the collaboration agreement.
  • Through an agreement between both entities, a programme will be conducted focusing on the marine environment that will include workshops, exhibitions and the distribution of informative materials.


The Regional Minister for the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Balearic Islands Government, Vicenç Vidal, and the Corporate Director of Sustainability, Innovation and Institutional Coordination for Red Eléctrica de España, Ana Cuevas, today signed a collaboration agreement to carry out environmental education and awareness activities in the Aula del Mar, a centre dedicated to the sea.

The signing of the agreement was also attended by Sebastià Sansó, the Director General for Environmental Education, Environmental Quality and Waste for the Balearic Islands Government; the Manager of the Sustainability and Innovation area for Red Eléctrica, Daniel Pérez Varela, and Red Eléctrica’s Regional Delegate in the Balearic Islands, Eduardo Maynau. The Company will contribute a total of 58,600 euros towards financing the carrying out of the programme included within the agreement.

The objectives of the agreement are to promote the study of and improve knowledge on the marine environment of the Balearic Islands through environmental education and awareness activities, and contribute to the continuity of the four educational workshops that are held in the Aula del Mar, an interpretive centre regarding the marine environment. Said centre is owned and under the responsibility of the Balearic Islands Government and it provides it with the necessary manpower.

Specifically, the "Plankton Workshop", which consists of the collection and analysis of plankton in classroom laboratories, will be given continuity to improve knowledge regarding biodiversity and how the marine ecosystem works; the "Posidonia Workshop", dedicated to the study of Posidonia oceanica and its role in the Balearic Islands marine ecosystem and in the Mediterranean; the "Arribazón Workshop", dedicated to analysing remains found on the coast to determine the impact of human activities on the coastline of the islands and in the marine ecosystem, and to the Workshop entitled "Come and get to know the sea", geared towards improving knowledge of the Mediterranean Sea, its characteristics, particularities and how it functions.

Similarly, the agreement includes the reprinting of the publication entitled ‘Passejant per la vorera de mar’ and the holding of conferences and the giving of presentations. In all of these activities, in line with the educational and informative nature of the Aula del Mar, specialised staff will be made available to assist and help pass on environmental education to visitors, and in particular to students from schools in Palma and other localities of Majorca.

The signed collaboration agreement will be in force until 2020 and is encompassed in the general collaboration protocol signed in 2014 between the Regional Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Balearic Islands Government and Red Eléctrica.

Through this agreement, and in line with its environmental policy and Biodiversity and Climate Change strategy, Red Eléctrica demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development and the promotion of environmental awareness and training programmes.


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