The Red Eléctrica Group acquires the totality of the Peruvian company Redesur

This Thursday, the Red Eléctrica Group, through Red Eléctrica Internacional, acquired the remaining 45% of Redesur shares that an infrastructure investment fund managed by AC Capitales had held to date. With this operation, the Red Eléctrica Group now has acquired the total share capital of Redesur.

Redesur is the company that manages and operates, under a concession contract, the electricity system of southern Peru, mainly in the regions or Arequipa, Moquegua, Tacna and Puno. In addition, it controls 100% of the share capital of Transmisora ​​Eléctrica del Sur (Tesur) and 75% of Transmisora ​​Eléctrica del Sur 2 (Tesur2). Consequently, this acquisition means that Red Eléctrica will assume definitive control of the three concessionary companies that, together with Transmisora Eléctrica del Sur 3 (Tesur3) and Red Eléctrica Andina (REA), form the business group of Red Eléctrica in Peru.

This transaction is part of the international expansion plans of the Red Eléctrica Group and strengthens the role of Red Eléctrica Internacional as an electricity transmission agent in southern Peru, where it has been present since 1999. With the commissioning of the two new concession   contracts awarded during 2015, it will manage a power grid consisting of 1,186 kilometres of circuit, of which 942 km are currently in operation and 244 km are under construction.

The shareholdings in Peru, together with the 50% share capital in Transmisora ​​Eléctrica del Norte (TEN), a project that will be commissioned in 2017 and that will interconnect the central and northern electricity systems of Chile, consolidate the presence of the Red Eléctrica Group in the international arena.


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