On the occasion of the World Energy Efficiency Day
Red Eléctrica presents awards to its best energy efficiency projects of 2016

The Chairman of Red Eléctrica de España, José Folgado; the CEO, Juan Lasala; the Corporate Director of Sustainability, Innovation and Institutional Coordination, Ana Cuevas, and the Director of Sustainability and Innovation, Daniel Perez, today presented the awards to the best energy efficiency projects of 2016 in the 5th Edition of the Red Eléctrica eficiente Awards. This is an annual campaign that drives all the initiatives of the different areas of the Company aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources and CO2 emissions.

For nine years now, the Red Eléctrica eficiente seal has been focused on promoting the development of good practices regarding the responsible use of energy, through all those projects of the various units of the Company that promote sustainability and energy efficiency as strategic cornerstones.

In this fifth edition, 29 candidacies were submitted, of which 11 are projects related to efficiency and, as a new addition this year, 18 efficient ideas were presented. The projects have been grouped into three categories: implementation of measures; Innovation and new technologies, and communication and raising awareness.

Award-winning projects and efficient ideas

The award-winning project in the Implementation of Measures category was the ‘Study on the use of geo-cooling for gas-insulated facilities and cable galleries’, which contributes to the improvement of the cooling system of indoor facilities of Red Eléctrica by harnessing the geothermal energy of the land. This category recognises the projects that represent an improvement in the efficiency of Red Eléctrica's processes through the implementation of specific measures.

The ‘Control Centre for the Electric Vehicle (Cecovel)’ was the award-winning project in the Innovation and new technologies category, for adapting, both in real time and in a flexible way, the operation of the electricity system under secure conditions to the recharging habits of citizens of their electric vehicles. Candidacies in this category seek to improve efficiency through research, development and innovation.

Lastly, in the Communication and Awareness Raising category, the award went to Fiesta Recicl-ART, the traditional Christmas party Red Eléctrica celebrates for the children of employees and that this year has had recycling as it’s cornerstone through the use of waste drums, piping and other objects as percussion instruments. The objective was to transfer to young children the importance of the 3R model: reduction, recycling and reuse. This category recognises those projects designed to raise the awareness of Company employees or its stakeholders in aspects regarding energy efficiency.

In this edition, as a new element, Red Eléctrica eficiente has identified 18 ideas, recognising ¡Pisa en energía! as the winner. This idea consists of the recovery of energy from footprints in busy thoroughfares, which could then be stored in batteries and supplied for lighting the Company's offices.


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