Electricity consumption of large companies fell 1% in April

The electricity consumption of large and medium-sized companies in April dropped 1% compared with the same month the previous year, according to data from the Red Eléctrica Index (IRE). Broken down by sector, industrial consumption fell 0.8% and consumption in the services sector decreased 4.3%. The effects of seasonal and working patterns were factored in when calculating this data.

According to the IRE, in the last twelve months, the electricity consumption of these companies, after having factored in the effects of seasonal and working patterns, has decreased by 0.5% over the same period last year. By sector, consumption in the industry sector has dropped by 0.1% and the services sector has fallen 1.5%.

Compared to April 2016, of the five activities with the highest electricity demand, the metallurgy industry increased by 0.6%, the chemical industry by 4.1%, the manufacturing industry for other non-metallic mineral products by 5.9%, the paper industry by 0.3% and the food industry decreased by 1.4%.

The activities that contributed most to the consumption of large companies in April were: the collection, purification and distribution of water with an increase of 15.8%, the manufacturing industry for other non-metallic mineral products (5.9%), the chemical industry (4.1%), the warehouse & storage industry and activities connected to transport (4.5%) and the metallurgy industry (0.6%).

The monthly electricity consumption data of each of the economic activities can be found in more detail in the IRE section of the Red Eléctrica website.

The IRE is an indicator which aims to provide information on the evolution of the electricity consumption of all large and medium-sized companies, defined as those with a contracted capacity above 450 kW. The measurements are collected at more than 23,400 points of approximately 13,900 companies. The consumption taken into account by the IRE represents about 47% of the total electricity demand, the remaining demand corresponds to residential consumers and other types of consumption.


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