On World Biodiversity Day
Red Eléctrica presents its 2017-2021 Biodiversity Action Plan

Red Eléctrica, as a responsible company committed to sustainable development, has made this commitment official with the approval of its 2017-2021 Biodiversity Action Plan, which encompasses all the activities of the Group.

This action plan, which will be carried out over the next five years, includes the objectives to be achieved and the specific actions linked to them. A budget of over eight million euros has been earmarked for the action plan which is based on an action framework divided into five areas: two cross-cutting areas and three courses of action. The plan will be reviewed and updated annually, and its evolution will be monitored by means of specific performance indicators that have been defined and set out in the plan.

The cross-cutting areas refer to the need to improve biodiversity management within the Company, incorporating new concepts and approaches, and promoting innovation regarding biodiversity issues through the development of solutions that will be applied to help protect it.

The first course of action, focused on biodiversity protection, seeks to make transmission grid facilities compatible with the environment, beginning with the design stage and on a continuous basis through its entire useful lifespan, reducing their potential impacts on birdlife, forested areas and habitats of high ecological value.

Noteworthy regarding this course of action is the undertaking of multiple actions in terms of the adaptation and the marking of electricity lines, in accordance with the Company's ‘Mapping of Bird Flight Paths’ project and the fight against forest fires; the latter embodied in agreements on prevention and specific projects with the various public administrations and entities.

The second course of action is aimed at biodiversity conservation and focuses on promoting and actively participating in flora and fauna conservation projects in the local areas where Red Eléctrica facilities are located. One such project is the ‘Red Eléctrica Forest’, an initiative that, since its inception in 2009, has allowed the recovery of 761 hectares of degraded habitats. Said project is of an ongoing nature throughout the country, recovering degraded areas at a rate of 40 hectares per year.

In addition, included in this course of action is the ‘Marine Forest’ project, whose first milestone will be the recovery of two hectares of Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows in the Bay of Pollensa (Majorca), applying the results and conclusions of the R&D+i project carried out in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Finally, the third course of action is to promote Red Eléctrica’s stance in this field through the communication channels available to the Company, both internal and external, as well as publishing annual reports, brochures and other specialised journals, in addition to promoting forums for discussion and participation with environmental stakeholders and biodiversity experts.


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