Red Electrica and the SEPI Foundation announce the availability of 62 training grants for newly-qualified graduates

Red Electrica de España and the SEPI Foundation have announced the opening of the period to submit applications for 62 ‘PracTica’ training grants for newly-qualified graduates or students in their final academic year of various specialties, in order to provide them with practical training and improve their training and employability

The requirements, as well as the terms and conditions of this sixth edition of the ‘PracTica’ programme, which this year offers three more training grants than in the 2016 edition, are available on the website of the SEPI Foundation, through which applications can be submitted. The period for submitting applications will be open until 29 August.

Those selected for this new edition of the programme will be incorporated into Red Eléctrica in November and will have a person who will mentor them, on a personalised basis, throughout the term of this practical training.

The ‘PracTica’ programme, which held its first edition in 2012, has already contributed to boosting the training and employability of more than 250 young graduates or students in their final year of various specialised courses, from both university and vocational training.


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