Five years after coming into commercial operation
The Spanish Peninsula-Balearic Islands electricity interconnection contributes 23% of the energy consumed in the archipelago
  • Built by Red Eléctrica, this infrastructure has represented the end of the electrical isolation of the Balearic Islands and an increase in security of supply
  • Since 2012, this interconnection has enabled approximately 16% of the electricity demand of the Balearic Islands to be covered by renewable energy

It has been five years since the electricity link between the Spanish Peninsula and the Balearic Islands came into commercial operation and it has enabled 23% of the Balearic Islands' electricity demand to be covered with generation from the Spanish Peninsula, although on some occasions this coverage rose to 40% in Majorca-Menorca system.

Thanks to this link, since 2012 almost 16% of the Balearic Islands’ electricity demand has been covered by renewable technologies.

This submarine interconnection, consisting of three 237-kilometre long direct-current cables, running at a maximum depth of 1,485 metres between Sagunto (Valencia) and Santa Ponsa (Majorca), has also enabled a reduction of nearly 29% of the cost associated to electricity generation in the Balearic Islands, which represents a cumulative saving for the system as a whole of about 309 million over this five-year period.

Similarly, it favours a greater integration of renewable energy in the Balearic Islands and reduces dependence on fossil fuel-based electricity generation, such as coal, gas and diesel, and as a result has allowed a decrease of the CO2 emissions associated with electricity generation, which in the case of the archipelago has represented a reduction of around 285,000 tonnes per year.

The electricity interconnection of the Balearic Islands with the Spanish Peninsula, known as the Romulo Project, was the first effort made in Spain to reduce the isolation of electricity systems and increase their security of supply, in accordance with European recommendations.

From the point of view of security and guarantee of supply, this submarine cable has been decisive in providing a rapid response to voltage and power imbalances that could occur on the islands.

Following the commissioning of this link, Red Eléctrica has also built and completed other infrastructure of special importance for the Balearic Islands, such as the submarine electricity link between Ibiza and Majorca, which enables the existing Majorca-Menorca and Ibiza-Formentera systems to be linked up into a single Balearic Islands system, hence consolidating the process for the integration of the islands and their connection with the peninsular and European electricity systems, thus allowing a greater optimisation of renewable generation.

Currently, Red Eléctrica is in the permitting process for the new submarine link between Menorca and Majorca and the new link between Ibiza and Formentera, two new interconnections that, as has been the case of Majorca-Spanish Peninsula link, will boost security of supply and increase cost savings for the electricity system.


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