Red Eléctrica and the Island Council of Gran Canaria reforest the Firgas mountain
  • The reforestation with species of laurisilva is included in the ‘Red Eléctrica Forest’ national project

Red Eléctrica de España and the Regional Ministry of Environment and Emergencies of the Island Council of Gran Canaria have begun the reforestation of 16.9 hectares of laurisilva forest on the Firgas mountain located within the protected area of ​​the Doramas Rural Park.

The reforestation is being carried out within the framework of the collaboration agreement signed between both entities and is included in the ‘Red Eléctrica Forest’ national project. The recovery of the native laurisilva forest habitat will increase the density of trees in this natural space, improve its condition and favour the fight against desertification and aridity of the soil. In addition, it will contribute to the conservation of the biodiversity of Gran Canaria, with the transformation of eucalyptus forests and the planting of other native species.

The Regional Ministry will take charge of the management and execution of the project, of the inspection and supervision works, as well as of the monitoring of the evolution of the ground cover vegetation and of carrying out dissemination actions.

The Red Eléctrica Forest is a national project carried out by the Company since 2009 with the aim of collaborating in the conservation of biodiversity-rich natural areas and the recovery of degraded zones, as well as contributing to the fight against climate change, thus enabling the Company to offset part of its greenhouse gas emissions.

At present, the Company has completed eleven restoration projects in forests located nationwide: Badajoz, Teruel, Cadiz, Murcia, Valencia, Vizcaya, Albacete, two forests in Zamora and in La Coruña. These projects have enabled the recovery of 761 hectares of forest land through the planting of 638,145 trees and shrubs of different native species that will offset 183,483 tonnes of CO2 throughout their lifetime.

This initiative responds to the commitment acquired by the Company to collaborate with public administrations at a regional, island and local level for their economic and social development and for the promotion of the natural capital in the territories where the Company’s facilities are located. Additionally, with actions such as this, Red Eléctrica showcases its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, in this case, Goal 15, for the sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss’.

Red Eléctrica has recently been recognised by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as a world leader in sustainability in the Electric Utilities sector, also reaching the global leadership position in sustainability in the Utilities supersector, which encompasses the electricity, gas and water sectors, for its policies which are focused, among other objectives, on caring for biodiversity.


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