Electricity transmission grid in Cantabria
Red Eléctrica commences work on the Astillero-Cacicedo electricity line
  • The project, which will be run through public land for 98.37% of its length, represents an investment of 30 million euros
  • Construction will take an estimated 24 months and the line is due to be commissioned in 2022


Red Eléctrica de España has commenced work on the underground electricity line that will link up the municipalities of Astillero and Cacicedo (Camargo), a project that will help cover the electricity needs of the area of the Bay of Santander and ensure the quality of service for the industry that is concentrated in the area. This project will foster and promote the economic development both in the zone and in the Autonomous Community as a whole.

The Astillero-Cacicedo line, which is expected to be commissioned at the beginning of 2022, is a new 220 kV (kilovolt) underground electricity transmission line which will be 8.1 km in length and whose route will run through the municipal areas of Astillero (2.4 km) and Camargo (5.7 km).

This electricity transmission infrastructure, included in Spain’s current energy planning, is part of the programmed actions over the next few years to improve the power transmission grid in Cantabria, which as a whole will represent a total investment of 61 million euros. Specifically, the investment for this facility amounts to nearly 30 million euros.

The line, which will run on public land for 98.37% of its length, has not required legal easements, and only affects about 133 metres of private land, mostly due to temporary occupation of privately-owned land. In this regard, the Company has reached amicable agreements with 70% of the landowners.

The decision on the final route of the new line has been based on the analysis and study of all viable alternatives, with priority being given to the option with the least social, environmental and visual impact. In addition, proposals from municipalities and citizens have also been taken into consideration, resulting in a proposal that is technically and economically viable.