Visit to Chile and Peru
Redeia reaffirms its commitment to Chile and the Company’s pledge to the sustainable development of Latin America
  • Redeia's management team, led by its Chairwoman, Beatriz Corredor, visits Chile, a country where the Company, through its subsidiary Redinter, foresees to grow organically in the coming years

  • Redinter has just commissioned several 220 kV lines and substations in the north of the country; facilities which are key for the quality of supply and the integration of renewables


The Chairwoman of Redeia, Beatriz Corredor, and the CEO, Roberto García Merino, today completed a visit to Chile, a country in which it operates through its subsidiary Redinter. During the visit, the Company's top representatives reaffirmed their commitment to Chile and the Latin American region, as well as their pledge to its sustainable development.

Beatriz Corredor stated that “Latin America is a priority for Redeia. We started our operations in Peru over 20 years ago and today we also operate in Chile and Brazil. We have a strong commitment to a continued presence in Chile, Peru and Brazil and the firm intention to keep on offering a quality electricity supply and contributing to promoting the green transition process in these countries”.

In Chile, the first stop of a tour that also includes Peru, Redeia's management team had several meetings, including those held with the Coordinator of the Sociocultural Area of the Presidency, Irina Karamanos, and with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy, Julio Maturana, with whom they shared their commitment to the country to continue strengthening the Chilean electricity system and working hand-in-hand with Chile in its energy transition process. Similarly, Ms. Corredor and Mr. García Merino visited the Control Centre of the National Electricity Coordinator as well as different electricity facilities of Redinter, noteworthy among which was the Changos substation of the TEN transmission line.

The visit also included a meeting with agents from the Chilean aerospace sector, an area of business in which Redeia is present in the region through its satellite subsidiary, Hispasat; a company that is a satellite operator of reference in Latin America.   

Organic growth

Redinter has been managing and operating electricity transmission assets in the region since 1999. Specifically, it already has more than 5,100 km of line circuit, of which 1,749 km are in Chile and 1,686 km are in Peru, in addition to 1,742 km that it co-manages through Argo Energía in Brazil, and to which 2,400 km will be added when a new acquisition in Brazil is formalised.

Furthermore, through another of its subsidiaries, Hispasat, it is the satellite operator of reference in the region for projects related to the reduction of the digital divide and the distribution of audio-visual content in Spanish and Portuguese. In addition to its presence in countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, it has recently added its new subsidiary in Peru. From its teleport in Lurin, one of the most advanced in Latin America, it offers services to the main pay-TV operators. In addition, following the acquisition of Axess Networks this year, Hispasat has strengthened its strategic position in the region and has bolstered its capacity to provide services to corporate businesses and the government.

In Chile, the subsidiary Redinter has been working since 2016 in the northern part of the country, specifically in the regions of Arica and Parinacota, Antofagasta, Tarapacá and Atacama. Recently, Redinter commissioned the 220 kV lines between the Nueva Pozo Almonte - Pozo Almonte, Nueva Pozo Almonte - Cóndores and Nueva Pozo Almonte - Parinacota substations. This infrastructure will provide greater security and quality of supply in the north of Chile and will allow the integration of renewable energy. Similarly, Redinter makes its surplus dark-fibre optic networks available to telephony operators in order to provide connectivity to areas of the country.

In the coming years, Redinter plans to consolidate its presence in the three countries. Specifically, Redeia's current Strategic Plan contemplates an investment programme of more than €200 million to promote initiatives that will not only enable organic growth in the three countries but also the identification of new opportunities in new markets in the electric transmission business.

Driving sustainable development

Redeia's electricity business in Latin America actively contributes to the achievement of the targets set out in the Company’s 2030 Commitment to Sustainability and specifically to the fulfilment of the plans through which Redeia structures its management approach in all areas of sustainability in the short term.

Specifically, noteworthy is the contribution of the Company’s subsidiaries in Chile and Peru to the achievement of the 2030 targets. The group’s social innovation initiatives also contribute to the development of the territory and care for the environment. Of note, among others, is the study on the characterisation of the reproductive biology of the seabird known as Hornby’s storm petrel, a project in which Redinter is a pioneer and which provides key information for the protection of its habitat and the conservation management of the species in northern Chile; or the installation of the Cuya Museographic Interpretation Room regarding the Chinchorro culture – a project for which the Company was recognised as an ambassador of the culture.

About Redeia

Redeia is a group that manages essential electricity and telecommunications infrastructures. Through its subsidiary, Red Eléctrica, it has been the sole transmission agent and system operator (TSO) in Spain since 1985, with more than 44,000 km of line circuit, including international cross-border connections with France, Morocco and Portugal. Additionally, Redeia, through its telecommunications subsidiaries, is the main neutral operator of fibre optic infrastructure in Spain (Reintel) and one of the main satellite operators in the world (Hispasat).