2024 Gender Equality Report & Ranking
Redeia is the third most gender-equal Spanish company according to Equileap
  • It is one of five Spanish companies to make it to the Top 100 globally in this report.
  • It has risen from 93rd place in the 2023 ranking to 36th in 2024, improving its score to 71%.

Equileap's 2024 Gender Equality Report & Ranking places Redeia as the third most gender-equal company in Spain and the 36th worldwide. Only five Spanish companies have made it to the Top 100 globally this year. To be part of the Top 100, companies need to be actively improving their performance year on year across 19 of the 21 indicators analysed in the study.

Redeia has climbed from 93rd to 36th place in the 2023 global Top 100 ranking after significantly improving its score of 66% in 2023 to 71% this year. According to Equileap, the companies participating in this edition received an average score of 44%. 

This report has analysed the performance of 3,795 companies on issues such as the presence of women on boards of directors and senior management, efforts to reduce the gender pay gap, measures in favour of work-life balance and co-responsibility, and policies against sexual harassment, among others. 

Gender Equality, a Key Value at Redeia

Gender equality is part of Redeia's foundational values. The company currently has an extensive Comprehensive Diversity Plan and equality plans in its subsidiaries. These initiatives include specific measures to improve employee recruitment, promotion, training, professional classification, and compensation, as well as specific actions on work-life balance and gender-based violence.

With a gender-equal Board of Directors, Redeia aims to increase the percentage of female executives from 35.5% to 38% in 2025 and to 50% in 2030. To achieve this, it implements measures in favour of the underrepresented gender in selection, training, and promotion processes to eliminate male dominance of certain technical positions and increase female presence both at the base and in the management team.