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  • El Granado  (Huelva)


15th El Granado Craft Fair (Huelva)

Collaboration with local government to promote social well-being. Support for environmental, cultural and sports activities.

Red Eléctrica is committed to the local communities where its facilities are located by collaborating on actions that contribute to improving the well-being of people and their municipalities, and through support for the protection of basic needs, promotion of sport and healthy habits and the preservation of their culture.

As in the previous four years, Red Eléctrica supported the Craft Fair organised by El Granado Town Council and the Beturia Association of Municipalities to promote the heritage values of the Sur Andévalo region in Huelva and Alentejo in Portugal.

This exhibition, held in 2018 on 26, 27 and 28 October, enables people to establish bonds between neighbouring Hispanic-Portuguese towns and villages, through knowledge and cultural exchange.

The fair hosted over 30 exhibitors from companies and associations dedicated to the various crafts, in ceramics, leather and hide, wood, metals and textiles, among others.