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1st Bilbao Petronor Eco Rallye

Collaboration with municipalities to promote social well-being. Support for environmental, cultural and sport activities.

Red Eléctrica maintains its commitment with local communities where its facilities are located, through actions that contribute to improvements in the well-being of people and their municipalities, by supporting the protection of basic needs, fostering sport and healthy lifestyle habits, and the conservation of their culture.

Red Eléctrica collaborated in 2019 with the Biscay Royal Bikers Guild, at the 1st Petronor Bilbao Eco Rally, held on 11 October, where the efficiency and low consumption of participating vehicles was highlighted.

During the competition, 47 vehicles powered by alternative energies covered more than 600 km over three stages. The main new feature was the use of ultra-quick recharging stations. In addition, the longest single-day stage was introduced to demonstrate the energy range of electric vehicles.