Support for training and education

Geographic scope
  • Andalucía

Since 2018

Agreement with the Universidad de Sevilla

Training in the field of energy.

Red Electrica collaborates with universities, training institutions and public administrations in order to support education and training through internships and participation in courses and workshops on the operation of the electrical systems, energy efficiency, intelligent networks and renewable energies, among others.

In January 2018, Red Eléctrica de España and the Universidad de Sevilla signed a collaboration agreement to create the Chair of Energy and Environmental Economics, the main objective of which is to promote teaching and interdisciplinary research activities linked to Energy and Environmental Economics that examine the reality, problems, and perspectives of new strategies and technologies in this field, while enhancing the resolved academic work relating to the infrastructure of electric power transmission.

The Chair also engages in consulting and knowledge transfer duties in fields such as energy, climate change, the socio-economic impact of various integrated technologies on the energy mix, the public promotion of these technologies, and the economic assessment of damage to respiratory health associated with environmental pollution.