Geographic scope
  • Altura (Castellón)

2019 and 2020

The Altura town council (Castellón) reforestation project

Collaboration with municipalities for the recovery and improvement of green spaces.

Red Eléctrica collaborates with local communities where its facilities are located through actions of conservation of their natural environment, with the aim of promoting sustainable rural development and biodiversity conservation.

In 2019, Red Eléctrica collaborated with Altura Town Council (Castellón) in a biodiversity conservation project through the reforestation and restoration of degraded habitats due to forest fires.

The purpose of this initiative, which focuses on the recovery of 53 hectares of woodland in the municipality of Las Torrecillas-Puntal de Navarrete and the recreational area of Los Llanos de Gaetano, is to replant trees and restore the landscape and habitat for wildlife, and to protect the soil against erosion and the loss of nutrients and organic material.

The project includes the organisation of dissemination and environmental education activities to raise awareness among the local population in the importance of protecting natural spaces. With this natural heritage conservation campaign, Red Eléctrica underlines its commitment to sustainable biodiversity.