Geographic scope
  • Castilla y León

Since 2012

Campus on Electrical Energy in Castilla y León

Collaboration on training in the field of energy.

Red Eléctrica collaborates with universities, educational institutions and government bodies in order to support education and training through practical training actions and participation in courses and workshops regarding the functioning of the electricity system, energy efficiency, smart grids and renewable energy, among others.

Since 2012 Red Eléctrica, together with the Universities and Higher Education Foundation of Castilla y León, has organised an educational campus where students from the universities of Castilla y León participate alongside students from Vocational Training centres. Students receive training from experts in the areas of generation, electricity infrastructure, energy efficiency, smart grids and renewable energy, in addition to attaining knowledge regarding the keys to a sustainable energy model and the new trends in the electricity sector. Classes are supplemented with visits to the electricity facilities.

This initiative has already trained a total of 700 students from Castilla y León in the editions celebrated so far.