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Control of biomass through controlled grazing

Collaboration agreement between Red Eléctrica and the Government of Valencia for the prevention and fighting of forest fires.

Red Eléctrica has collaborated with the Government of Valencia, on a pilot project entailing the managed and limited grazing as a method of control and to halt the spread of Arundo donax (Giant Reed). This plant is considered one of the 100 most invasive and dangerous in the world as it spreads fire rapidly and is much more effective at establishing itself in an area than our native riverbank species. Its resilience to fire and its capacity to regrow in the wake of these fires indicate that, if measures are not taken to halt its spread, it will completely take over the riverbank habitats.

Using this technique involves an integration of the solution with rural development, being in addition a much more progressive and natural method compared to mechanised processes. Similarly, in the future, it will be possible to combine projects for the integration of cutting back and clearing of vegetation activities with ecotourism projects.

The activity takes place on a plot of 30 hectares following the course of the Turia River. It covers a length of about two kilometres of river and has an average width of 150 metres. On this plot 60 livestock animals are used, mainly horses, but also donkeys and mules.