Geographic scope
  • Zamora

Since 2017

Cross-border iberian tableland biosphere reserve and ultra Sanabria by stages races (Zamora)

Support for sports activities.

Sports activities, events and competitions, which are of great public interest, allow the dissemination of important values such as effort, commitment and teamwork; values that are promoted and supported by Red Eléctrica.

Red Eléctrica collaborated in the Cross-Border Iberian Tableland race in 2019, with the aim of encouraging people to practise sports, while promoting the region of Zamora as a tourist attraction through dissemination of its natural places and cultural heritage.

The race, held on 13 June, ran through the Lago de Sanabria natural park, with the event starting in the mountains at Sierra de la Culebra de Zamora and ending in the Portuguese town of Rio de Onor.

Red Eléctrica also collaborated in the organisation of the Ultra Sanabria event, a mountain race with three stages for elite runners and others for non-professional participants, starting at the future high-speed rail station of Otero de Sanabria.