Geographic scope
  • Balearic Islands

2018 and 2019

Dissemination of anchoring practices (Balearic Islands)

Collaboration with local government for recovery and improvement of green spaces.

Red Eléctrica collaborates with local communities where its facilities are located through actions for conservation of their natural environment, with the aim of promoting sustainable rural development and biodiversity conservation.

In 2018, Red Eléctrica began a collaboration with the Government of the Balearic Islands to promote and disseminate good marine anchoring practices with the aim of preventing damage to Posidonia oceanica seagrass and also to submarine power cables.

This collaboration, lasting until October 2019 and covering two tourist seasons, follows on from the activities carried out in 2017. The project is called “Campaign for the dissemination of good practices in the field of marine anchoring of pleasure craft in relation to Posidonia oceanica or submarine cables during the summer season”.

The collaboration includes the publishing of 35,000 pamphlets to be distributed in the Balearic Islands’ main ports and nautical clubs. Published in five languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, German and Italian) and in water-resistant biodegradable material, the aim of the pamphlet is to remind boat users of standards for anchoring at sea and inform them of the importance of Posidonia oceanica in the conservation of coastal systems and of the submarine electrical links to guarantee the electricity supply and telecommunications