Geographic scope
  • Oña (Burgos)

Since 2010

‘El Cronicón de Oña’ stage play in Burgos

Support for local culture.

For Red Eléctrica, local cultural activities that help keep popular traditions and folklore alive, are a contribution to well-being and coexistence.

Red Eléctrica has been collaborating since 2010 in advertising support to The Cronicón de Oña, a play set in the eleventh century. It is performed inside the Monastery of San Salvador de Oña (Burgos) and depicts the birth of the Kingdom of Castile and the foundation of this church.

The play was staged from 10 to 14 August in 2018, bringing historical characters whose remains lie in the monastery itself back to life. The stage was located in the presbytery of the high altar, framed by a Baroque arch and the Royal Pantheon on both sides.