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2015 and 2016

The Electricity Theater of the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum (Valencia)

Red Eléctrica holds exhibitions and workshops in museums with the objective of publicising how the Spanish electricity system functions and raising public awareness regarding an efficient and responsible consumption of electricity in order to promote a sustainable energy model.

In 2015, Red Eléctrica sponsored the project for the improvement of the facilities of the Electricity Theatre, installed in the Science Museum of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

Among the actions carried out, noteworthy was the purchase of informative posters and a neon light to improve the visibility of the Electricity Theater. Inside this area, a new plasma sphere, a projector as well as a lighting and loudspeaker system were installed, making the experience of the activities more spectacular.

In the Electricity Theater, visitors can gain an understanding, through experimental activities, of the physical phenomena that can be produced by electricity.