Geographic scope
  • Cuenca, Zaragoza, the Basque Country, Pontevedra, Coruña, Barcelona, Tarragona and Orense.

Since 2009

Encyclopaedia of the Romanesque Style on the Iberian Peninsula

Recovery and dissemination of archaeological heritage.

Red Eléctrica collaborates on the study and protection of archaeological resources in Spain through programmes for the valorisation of cultural heritage of the municipalities.

Red Eléctrica collaborates on the project of drafting the ‘Encyclopedia of the Romanesque Style in the Iberian Peninsula’ (Enciclopedia del Románico en la Península Ibérica). This work is the result of extensive research on the existing Romanesque artistic wealth in Spain and which represents more than 15 years of fieldwork.

In the 52 volumes published so far, around 700 professionals (medievalists, art historians, landscape architects, architects, archaeologists and photographers) have collaborated, amongst which are some of the most renowned Romanesque art scholars, both Spanish and foreign. Red Eléctrica has collaborated on the volumes regarding Cuenca, Zaragoza, the Basque Country, Pontevedra, La Coruña, Barcelona, Tarragona and Orense. In total, 16 volumes.