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Engineering and Business Summit 2019 (Seville)

Informative sessions on energy

Red Eléctrica contributes to the dissemination of knowledge regarding the functioning of the electricity system by encouraging participation in conferences and training/informative sessions.

In 2019, Red Eléctrica supported the “Engineering and Business Summit 2019” (CIE 2019), which was organized by the Asociación Superior de Ingeniería de Andalucía (ASIAN), for the purpose of offering a space for discussion and debate in which companies, directors, professionals and experts take a closer look at the challenges raised by the global economy for engineering and business competitiveness.

The event was opened by the Secretary of State for Energy, José Domínguez Abascal, and Red Eléctrica took part in a panel on the “technical session on innovation and environmental impact in electrical infrastructures” and the “business session on energy transition and mobility”, held in June and October respectively.