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  • Madrid

Since 1999

Expert Course on Economics of Regulated Markets in the Carlos III University (Madrid)

Collaboration with universities on training in the field of energy.

A commitment of Red Eléctrica is the adequate training of new professionals of the sector, with the aim to develop and advance towards a sustainable energy model that meets the needs of citizens.

Red Eléctrica collaborates with the Carlos III University of Madrid in the Economics of Regulated Markets Expert Degree (specialty in Energy Economics). In addition, the Company offers content for the programme, facilitating the participation of some of the Company’s professionals as speakers. Both organisations have common and complementary objectives for promoting knowledge, whereby these courses offer the possibility of obtaining significant benefit from both teaching and research.

Red Eléctrica continued its sponsorship of two training programmes organised by the Carlos III University for 2018/2019.

This type of collaboration focuses on collaboration in activities in the chosen programmes, mainly by proposing content and by company professionals participating as speakers.