Geographic scope
  • Costa da Morte (A Coruña)

Since 2015

The Gran Fondo Ézaro (A Coruña)

Support for sports activities.

Sports activities, events and competitions, which are of great public interest, allow the dissemination of important values such as effort, commitment and teamwork; values that are promoted and supported by Red Eléctrica.

In July 2019, for the fifth consecutive year, Red Eléctrica sponsored the Gran Fondo Ézaro, a long-distance cycling challenge held on the Costa da Morte, a part of Galicia which has become a reference for cycling throughout Spain and Europe.

This edition gathered close to fifteen hundred cyclists with great public attendance, a reflection of the renown of this popular race.

During the challenge, participants covered a route of around 140 kilometres through the municipalities of Dumbría, Muxía, Muros, Cee, Carnota and Mazaricos, with a second shorter option of 75 km. The finish in both cases was the Mirador do Ézaro, a wall just 2 kilometres long, but with slopes of up to 30%.