Social projects

Geographic scope
  • Barcelona, Madrid, Majorca and Seville

Since 2018

‘Libera’ Project

Environmental awareness.

Red Eléctrica collaborates with various non-profit organisations and entities to carry out social support actions targeted at various groups with specific needs.

In 2019, for the second consecutive year, Red Eléctrica with SEO Birdlife and Ecoembes in the ‘Libera’ (Releases) project, with the aim of raising awareness and mobilising citizens to keep natural areas free of rubbish.

More than 100 people, including Red Eléctrica employees and their companions, took part in these corporate volunteer days held in Barcelona, Madrid, Majorca and Seville, to collect litter that had been dropped in the chosen natural environments, which, in addition to being removed, was duly selected by type of waste for its corresponding recycling.