Local development

Geographic scope
  • Balearic Islands


Marine Environment Sustainability Project (Balearic Islands)

Collaboration with local government for recovery and improvement of green spaces.

Red Eléctrica collaborates with local communities where its facilities are located through actions for conservation of their natural environment, with the aim of promoting sustainable rural development and biodiversity conservation.

Red Eléctrica started a four-year collaboration in April 2019 with the Balearic Islands’ Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds to carry out two projects related to sustainable marine development. The first of these focused on the collection of solid waste in the sea by the fishing fleet, while the second consisted of education and awareness raising actions to promote consumption of local fish.

The project also included a study on the capacity of solid waste collection by the fishing fleet compared to other collection systems carried out on the water surface off the coast, and another regarding current habits and new consumption models; the level of knowledge of local products; the presence of fish in home and school meals; the role of the catering industry and local markets, and the marketing policy with respect to department stores.