Geographic scope

Almonte and Hinojos (Huelva) and Aznalcázar (Seville)



Monitoring, conservation and recovery of the population of the Iberian Imperial Eagle in Doñana

Monitoring, conservation and recovery of the Iberian Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) in the Doñana National Park and Doñana Natural Park.

  • In 2017, the population of this species in the Doñana Natural Park increased thanks to the incorporation of a new breeding pair, hence Doñana again has 10 breeding pairs, mirroring pre-2015 levels. For the first time, since records regarding population of the Bonelli’s Eagle began in 1982, the population at large is producing offspring.

Actions undertaken

  • Preparation and adaptation of substrates for nesting: posting signs that chick-rearing territories and areas of restricted access. Adaptation of trees with nests, undertaking felling and pruning works and the improvement of nesting platforms and adaptation of large-sized trees to improve the nesting habitat.
  • Monitoring and surveillance of the breeding and chick-rearing territories.
  • Supplementation of food during breeding season.