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  • Soto de Ribera (Asturias)


New reactance in Soto de Ribera sub-station (Asturies)

Informative sessions on energy

Red Eléctrica contributes to the dissemination of knowledge regarding the functioning of the electricity system by encouraging participation in conferences and training/informative sessions.

On 11 February 2019, Red Eléctrica unveiled the modernisation work carried out at the Soto de Ribera sub-station, where new reactor has been installed, equipped with acoustic screens designed as part of a company R+D+i project.

The function of the reactor is to maintain the voltage of the electricity transmission grid within the appropriate parameters, thus avoiding overvoltage surges and improving the quality of the system. The work required an investment of over nine million euros in the area around the Soto de Ribera sub station to improve the transmission grid system on the Asturies-Galicia axis and to make the transfer of the energy generated in the area easier .