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PCI Energy Days (Bruselas)

Informative sessions on energy

Red Eléctrica contributes to the dissemination of knowledge regarding the functioning of the electricity system by encouraging participation in conferences and training/informative sessions.

In March 2019, Red Eléctrica took part in the conferences organized by the European Union on Projects of Common Interest (PCI), which were held in Brussels.

The event gave promoters the opportunity to show their projects and share their experience on how to create a safe energy infrastructure for the future and the environment through the application of innovative technological solutions.

The “PCI Energy Days” also hosted the signing ceremony for the <em>Marine Grid Declaration</em>, an initiative that sets out a framework of principles to avoid and reduce the negative impact of submarine cables for the underwater environment. This declaration of principles was proposed by the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI), a body that has brought together EU TSOs and NGOs since 2009 to encourage the development of a network that is open and respects the environment.