Geographic scope
  • Almaraz (Cáceres)

2017 and 2018

Recovery and conservation of orchids in Almaraz (Cáceres)

Collaboration with local government for recovery and improvement of green spaces.

Red Eléctrica collaborates with local communities where its facilities are located through actions for conservation of their natural environment, with the aim of promoting sustainable rural development and biodiversity conservation.

Red Eléctrica collaborated with the Government of Extremadura in 2018 to perform actions contributing to the recovery and conservation of orchids in the area known as El Sierro, in Almaraz, especially of Ophrys apifera var. almaracensis.

This species of orchid is unique in the world and its future viability is threatened due to its exclusive concentration in an area of little more than 11 hectares. It is also very vulnerable to changes in its habitat and to the despoiling it suffers.

Environmental education activities and studies of the various plant species, especially orchids, were also carried out within the framework of this project, involving people in the area with the conservation of their natural environment.