Geographic scope

Puebla de Sanabria (Zamora).



Red Eléctrica Forest – The Sanabria Forest (Zamora)

Recovery of degraded natural areas and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions through the planting of trees. Support for local training and employment.

  • Reforestation work is being carried out through the planting of Scots pine in 51 hectares of an area affected by a forest fire in Ungilde, located in the municipality of Puebla de Sanabria. The land to be reforested is located in the ‘Valdediego’ public highlands, Nº 137 of the Catalogue of ‘common’ land of the province of Zamora classified as Public Interest. The area is located in the ‘Sierra de la Culebra’ Game Reserve, declared a Site of Community Interest (SCI ES 4190033). The area was repopulated with 102,128 trees and shrubs and 295 working days were created.
  • Tree planting works have been complemented with the help of the ‘I plant my land’ educational programme, targeted at students of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades of all primary education centres in the region of Sanabria.
    • Classroom workshops in which participants worked on matters related to the value of trees and their sustainable use.
    • As part of the programme, visits to the reforestation site were also organized. During the visit some of the students symbolically adopted a tree that they personally planted. In addition, participants were given a talk by the team of experts in charge of the replanting project, who explained important issues of interest for the new generations.