Geographic scope

Montes de Castelfrío (SCI - Site of Community Interest) within the municipalities of Pedalejos and El Pobo and in Masías de Ejulve within the municipality of Ejulve.


2010 and 2015.

Red Eléctrica Forest - Teruel Forest

Reforestation with species indigenous to the highlands affected by wild fires which occurred in the summer of 2009. Further work was carried out on this project in 2015.

  • Reforestation in 2010 of 85 ha which had burned (103,000 plants: Pine, Holm Oaks, Mountain-ash and Gall Oaks). Reforestation of the Teruel Forest was carried out with different species (Mountain-ash, Pine, Holm Oaks and Gall Oaks were planted and were equipped with a protective sleeve) to promote greater diversity in the restored areas. 408 working days were created and 30,900 tonnes of CO2 were offset.
  • Reforestation of 10 hectares in 2015, with the planting of 10,000 truffle oaks. This restoration work helped to offset 3,000 tonnes of CO2. The work was carried out by the Forestry Work Employment Workshop of the Region of Andorra - Sierra de Arcos.