Geographic scope

Alicante and Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana).



Reintroduction of the Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni)

Reintroduction of the Lesser Kestrel, using the hacking method (involves placing chicks of the species in an artificial structure, which acts as a nest, which is located in the area where the population at large is to be established) in the municipalities of Ayora, Camporrobles and Salinas. Action included in the Biodiversity Agreement signed with the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment of the Government of Valencia.

  • Since 2013, a total of 521 eagle chicks have been reintroduced in areas that have adequate habitat and that have the authorization and support of owners, local entities and associations.
  • In order to provide more eagle chicks for their reintroduction, the wildlife breeding center 'La Granja' has 18 eagle breeding pairs for captive breeding.
  • Design and construction of six large mobile release cages.