Geographic scope
  • San Roque (Cádiz)

2017 and 2018

Renewal of San Roque (Cádiz) football pitch lighting

Collaboration with local government to promote social well-being. Construction and restoration of facilities for social purposes.

Red Eléctrica is committed to the local communities where its facilities are located by collaborating on actions that contribute to improving the well-being of people and their municipalities, and through support for the protection of basic needs, promotion of sport and healthy habits and the preservation of their culture.

Red Eléctrica collaborated with San Roque Town Council in 2018 to renew the lighting for two football pitches in the town in Cadiz: Vicente Blanca (Los Olivillos) and Alberto Umbría (San Roque Station).

The company contributed with this action to boosting healthy habits and the playing of sports in San Roque, a town where Red Eléctrica has also participated since 2012 in sponsorship of University of Cadiz summer courses.