Geographic scope
  • Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park (Huesca)


Renovation of trails in the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park (Huesca)

Collaboration with local governments for the recovery and improvement of green spaces.

Red Eléctrica collaborates with the local communities in which its facilities are located through actions for the conservation of their natural environment, with the aim to promote sustainable rural development and biodiversity conservation.

Since 2016, Red Eléctrica has been participating with the Local Council of Torla on the renovation and adaptation works of the natural country trails of this municipality in Huesca.This project will continue until 2019 with the objective of maintaining the countryside trails of the area in optimal conditions.

The locality has a notable influx of tourists throughout the year, as it is the natural entrance to the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, one of the most visited enclaves of the Autonomous Community of Aragón and of the entire Pyrenees.

With this project, Red Eléctrica is contributing to the recovery and conservation of the natural environment of the area.