Geographic scope
  • Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca

Since 2018

Restoration of the Ciudad Rodrigo city wall (Salamanca)

Recovery and dissemination of architectural heritage.

Red Eléctrica collaborates in the study and restoration of constructions of architectural value in Spain through programmes to showcase municipalities’ cultural heritage.

Red Eléctrica continued its collaboration with Ciudad Rodrigo Town Council in 2019 in the project to restore the municipality’s medieval wall. The aim was to improve the parapet walk between the La Pasión Hospital and the La Batería area by creating a central paved portion and improving the drainage system to avoid the puddles that formed when it rained.

Ciudad Rodrigo has two lines of walls which form an oval-shaped belt around the town. They are 2,200 km long. Although remains of the primitive 12th century wall still exist, what we see today was almost all built during the reformation of the 18th century.