Geographic scope
  • Godelleta (Valencia)

Since 2016

Restoration of Godelleta’s Islamic Tower (Valencia)

Recovery and dissemination of architectural heritage.

Red Eléctrica collaborates in the study and protection of archaeological resources in Spain through programmes to showcase municipalities’ cultural heritage.

Red Eléctrica is continuing its collaboration in 2019 in the project for consolidating, restoring, preparing for use and integrating into the urban setting of the Islamic tower, located in the historic centre of Godelleta.

This construction, classed as Heritage of Cultural Interest in the Monument category, is a defensive tower dating from the Muslim era (12-13th centuries) that emerged on the site of a pre-existing agricultural farmstead. It formed part of the defensive line for the city of Valencia.

The aim of restoring the monument is to be able to use it again and integrate it into the urban setting.