Geographic scope

Navarra (Basins of the Cantabrian slope of Bidasoa and Urumea).



Selective clearing of land for the prevention of forest fires in the basins of the Atlantic slope of Bidasoa and Urumea

Within the fire prevention strategy that the Environmental Service of the Government of Navarra undertakes in the basins of the Cantabrian slopes of Bidasoa and Urumea, during 2016 collaboration took place on preventive measures for the selective clearing of land in the area that the section of the Atlantic Region is undertaking.

Selective clearing of land has been carried out in different catalogued highlands of the Bidasoa and Urumea basins. These clearings are intended to contribute to and/or strengthen the work dynamics being undertaken in the Atlantic Region regarding the planning and effectiveness of controlled burns in winter. Therefore, the objectives of these clearings are:

  • Fire prevention and the creation of bands for the execution of controlled burning.
  • Consolidation of the improvement of forage supply.
  • Conservation of natural regeneration by improving forage supply.
  • The undertaking of land clearing of small high-risk areas