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  • Comunidad de Madrid Regional Government


Shepherding school

Collaboration with municipalities to promote social well-being. Construction and refurbishment of facilities for social purposes.

Red Eléctrica maintains its commitment with local communities where its facilities are located, through actions that contribute to improvements in the well-being of people and their municipalities, by supporting the protection of basic needs, fostering sport and healthy lifestyle habits, and the conservation of their culture.

Red Eléctrica collaborated in 2020 with the Campo Adentro non-profit association, starting up the second edition of the Comunidad de Madrid Regional Government Shepherds’ School This training programme also has the backing of State Shepherds’ Association, schools from other regions and El Boalo Town Council, Madrid.

The project embraces the initial training of 55 young people in the skill of shepherding, as a source of employment and rural development in the region, with practical training held at the mountain regions of Sierra de Guadarrama and Sierra Norte. In addition, Red Eléctrica will be teaching a module on the relationship between flocks and power lines.

It is an initiative that collaborates with the sustainment of the rural environment and through which Red Eléctrica, backed by different local organisations, contributes to the response to the challenges set by a depopulated Spain.