Geographic scope
  • Castellón

2015 and 2016

Social responsibility plan in the municipalities of Castellón

Collaboration with local governments to promote social well-being. Construcction and restoration of facilities for social purposes.

Red Eléctrica maintains a commitment to the local communities in which its facilities are located through the collaboration on actions that contribute to improving the well-being of people and their municipalities, through the support for the protection of basic needs, promotion of sport and healthy habits and the preservation of their culture.

During 2015 and 2016, Red Eléctrica carried out a corporate social responsibility plan through initiatives of a social and cultural nature aimed at six municipalities in the region of Castellón, with the goal of creating value in each of them through the implementation of specific projects:

  • Zorita del Maestrazgo: provision of equipment for a children’s play area and for the elderly.
  • Palanques: adaptation of the municipal swimming pool facilities.
  • Villores: remodelling of the municipal multipurpose social centre.
  • Todolella: installation of a healthy fitness park.
  • Forcall: provision of equipment to a care home for the elderly.
  • Morella: installation of a new multipurpose room in the Jaume I Sports and Leisure Centre.